304 & 305, Sikkim Commerce House, 4/1 Middleton Street, Kolkata - 700071


We try to take best care of our workers. All the guidelines, laid down in the Act are strictly followed.

Free Food & Clothes

Workers get 6.5 kgs. of rice and 6.5 kgs. of aata at a very nominal rate of 50 paise/kg.

The management provides the workers with, dry tea, blanket, apron, umbrella, chapel, basket, cane-hat, nylon bag, fire-wood etc. absolutely free of cost.

Free House

Workers get pucca houses with electricity connection.

Free Medical Facility

The company maintains a 32-bed hospital with 2 doctors, 2 pharmacist, 2 nurse,Nursing attendants and 1 health assistant, to take care of the health of the workers. 2 Ambulances are always kept ready, to meet any medical emergencies.

Free Education

The management runs, 2 Primary schools with 3 teachers, so that the children of the tea workers, get their basic education while their parents are at work.

Free Milk

Young kids of the workers are given their daily dose of milk.

Free Refreshments

Workers enjoy hot salted tea, two times a day, to ward off dehydration and get instant energy. Canteen is an ideal place for the workers to have a nice meal at a nominal rate.


The management has erected a number of such shaded cemented spaces, to be used by the workers for, during the break, organizing community gatherings, socializing.